Doxycycline 200mg side effectsDoxycycline is a revolutionary drug that is potent to fight the most diverse bacterial infections in the organism. The preparation belongs to a group of tetracycline antibiotics that prevent the further bacteria growth and spread within the body. A great number of bacterial infections are treated by this drug, such as acne, intestinal infection, lower and upper respiratory tract infections, gonorrhea, chlamydia, eye infections and others.

However, to witness the positive effects of Doxycycline and preserve the health condition, one should mind the devastating side effects, the medication may cause. Besides, it is necessary to remember that following the doctor’s prescription and primary safety recommendations are the key to a safe and effective treatment course.

Doxycycline Safety Tips: Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings

Primarily to the medication course, the patient should consult his/her healthcare provider to make sure Doxycycline is fully safe and is not likely to interact with other health complications the patient has. Provide a specialist with thorough information concerning your health state, paying exceptional attention to conditions, such as kidney or liver disorders, asthma, increased pressure in the skull and other related complications. Besides, the treatment course should not be taken by those, allergic to the active ingredients of the preparation or similar pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Doxycycline is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to the possible potent impact of the medication on the organism of a nursing or unborn child.

Another important issue one should take into account administering Doxycycline is its power to block the effect of birth control pills. Ask your doctor for a non-hormonal substitute to prevent pregnancy during the medication course.

long term use of doxycyclineDoxycycline Interactions with Other Drugs

Even though the medication produces desirable results, it should be taken wisely, since there is a range of conditions and medication that may interfere into its positive effect. Doxycycline should not be administered with other prescription or over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements and vitamins without doctor’s permission. Numerous seizure drugs, such as Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, Carbamazepine as well as blood thinners, including Coumadin and Warfarin may interact with this antibacterial preparation, causing diverse complications.

Medication Misuse and Overuse

Doxycycline is a drug for regular use, thus, it is inevitable to administer it following the schedule. Once you have missed a dose, take it when you remember or skip if the next following one should be used soon. Never increase or double the medications dose, as you risk overdosing and experiencing severe side effects. Seek emergency medical assistance if any complications or adverse reactions have been noticed.

Side Effects Caused by Doxycycline Intake

The symptoms of serious Doxycycline misuse include bloating, nausea, stomach disorders, bloody or watery diarrhea, skin rashes, allergic reactions, numbness and tingling, muscle pain and weakness, difficult urinating, loss of appetite, increased weight gain, chest pain, blurred vision, problems breathing, confusion and others.